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REACHING OUT to Glenda Cheeks on 'Remembering With The Heart...'

"Remembering With the Heart, Stories by America’s Finest written by Glenna Orr an author of high ethical standards who cares deeply about America’s history and those who serve and have served our Country. Each character in this book teaches us history, sacrifice, and a love for serving as they share a little about their lives serving our country. This book is unique and the best of its kind. I loved each character as they told their stories.

Glenna, I am not much of a writer. Honored that you asked. Stay safe and I appreciate you as you encourage others in our journey through life." - Glenda Cheeks, City President, United Community Bank, Hayesville, NC.

Glenda Cheeks and I have known one another for some years. Glenda is a devoted mother, grandmother, wife, and a strong supporter of her beloved community. Her beautiful daughter Erica Robinson and I were friends. For years Erica supported my needs, both personally and professionally. Erica was instrumental in helping me put in place the financial dynamics for my 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Kind Kids Inc. Erica and her mother worked side by side at United Community Bank, Hayesville, North Carolina, to fulfill the dreams of so many people. My good fortune was to have them both on my team.

Glenda Cheeks and I have worked more closely together these past few years, since the death of her Erica due to cancer. Soon, it will be fourteen years that my daughter Erinn passed. Glenda and myself have shared heartfelt conversations and quiet moments together.

I am sharing some words that Glenda Cheeks wrote about my recent book, "Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest. It's a book that speaks to courage, friendships, and service to country. Presently, we are facing some very tough times together-much like the lives of the storytellers that are portrayed in "Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest." For more information about me and my non-profit, please VISIT our website at and BE INSPIRED to support our efforts, our books and SHARE them with your family and friends!




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