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Through our work with the Kind Kids, we have been fortunate to travel and meet hundreds of people.  It is always such a privilege and such an honor to listen, learn, and be inspired by those individuals that share their journeys with us.   


It's pretty remarkable what defines one's life-faith, family, friendships, or perhaps the dedication to a profession.  Along with our commitments and journeys, we can come to experience such joy and, at times, much sorrow.  When we have listened and spoken with people of all ages who have lost someone they love, often we are awestruck by their courage  and how their lifelong journeys continue to prevail. 


"Open Minds, Open Hearts A Journey With The Ages", "Hearts Always Open", "Memories With The Heart", "Friendships With The Heart", "Courage From The Heart", and "Remembering with the Heart: Stories by America's Finest", are books that Glenna Orr has written in conjunction with her work at The Kind Kids Inc. 

All six writings exemplify the learning, compassion, and heartfelt experiences that empower people to make something better, a bit easier, or kinder because of the loss that they have personally experienced. Our hope is that their stories and memories will, through our books, remain in your hearts for a lifetime to come.


The Kind Kids Organization is passionate about continuing to author books, supporting Intergenerational Initiatives, and helping organizations that meet the needs of people at very different stages of life: those who are just beginning their journeys and those who have a lifetime of experiences to share.

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