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committed to supporting volunteerism among all generations

The Kind Kids is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization that instills volunteerism in community activities and promotes literacy for people of all ages. Individuals and groups of people learn the value of volunteering while reading, working, and learning from each other.  The Kind Kids Organization promotes Volunteer Intergenerational Programs of inspiring activities between children of all ages and senior residents of retirement centers, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. 

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Glenna C. Orr is a Reading Specialist with two Masters and a Postgraduate Professional Teaching License.  She has taught school in five states and in the Department of Defense School system in Germany and Panama.  She formerly served as a board member of Reading is Fundamental of Northern Virginia and is actively involved with the Armed Forces Retirement Home.  

Our Books

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The prolific storytelling of Veterans who reside at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, Remembering With the Heart exemplifies the learning, compassion, and heartfelt experiences that we all become a part of, as we journey through our very own lives.

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