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"Books + Friendship = Book Club" *

Wednesday afternoons at The Armed Forces Retirement Home located in Washington, DC, just outside the doors of the main library in a lovely reading room, the book club that has routinely met beginning September of 2017 continues to read, discuss, and critique great books. Being a member of "Glenna's Book Club," is such a fulfilling and all inspiring privilege-especially that I am sitting alongside America's Finest.

Recently, The AFRH Communicator a monthly publication by the Public Affairs Office at The Armed Forces Home, included an article about our book club that pays tribute to our members. The writing speaks about the AFRH residents, their love of reading, and their dedication to promoting friendship:

"...I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Christine Baldwin, our librarian, who continues to provide a tremendous variety of materials. Her support of the resident book club (with Glenna Orr) has been wonderful. We have approximately a dozen residents who participate, and each month they select a new book to read. The theme varies, but the book selected has to be available in all formats, to include large print and audio, so that all can participate. They just finished the great depression (the book was The Forgotten Man, by Amity Shlaes), and are now moving on to The Associate by John Grisham. This is a resident-driven activity; the residents are the ones who pick the theme. On April 25th residents Emmy Lu Daly and Joe Nesnow did a live theater performance from the book “Love Letters” by A. R. Gurney... "  Read the full article in The AFRH Communicator Here.

Most grateful,

Glenna (The Kind Kids Organization) * Quote by Kristin Hannah


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