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Women's History Month and Honoring Hilary Rosado

In March, the world honors Women's History Month. It has been both a privilege and a gift for me to meet and come to know the women who reside at The Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, D.C. For quite a few years, I have learned of their military service to our great nation, of their devotion to their very own families, and to their far reaching communities. During the month of March, you will be introduced to these brave, kind, and compassionate women. Thanks for taking the time to come to know them and to honor them. Meet Hilary Rosado...Ms. Rosado earned a Bachelor of Education degree at Dunfermline College of Physical Education in 1975. After teaching at the secondary school level for three years, she enlisted as an imagery analyst in the Military Intelligence Corps, United States Army, at High Wycombe Air Force Base in the United Kingdom in September 1978. Her enlisted time comprised two Stateside assignments, with overseas tours in Germany and South Korea. She was appointed to the Warrant Officer Corps in March 1985. Ms. Rosado served as Chief, Imagery Analysis Section, III Corps, Fort Hood, TX for four years. She then served as an Imagery Intelligence Technician/Platoon Leader in the 746th MI Bn, 470th MI Bde, USARSO, Panama during Operation Just Cause. Her following assignment was as Writer/Instructor, Directorate of Training and Military Science, United States Army Intelligence Center at Fort Huachuca, AZ for three years. Ms. Rosado then returned to Panama in 1993 as the Imagery Intelligence Technician/Operations Officer, IMINT Element, 470th MI Bde for a further three years. Her final assignment was as

Chief, Technical Services Department, Imagery Division, Joint Analysis Center, RAF Molesworth, United Kingdom. Ms. Rosado retired from active duty in July 1999. After retiring, Ms. Rosado worked for twelve years in the United States Postal Service,

followed by a busy seven years looking after her two young grandchildren. She joined the AFRH-W family in September 2020, and assumed the duties of Chair of the Resident Advisory Committee-Washington on March 1, 2023.


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