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AFRH Book Club

Our Wednesday Book Club meeting at The Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington D.C. found us in several engaging and historical discussions.  The veterans had prolific and substantial words to say about "Mosquito Bowl, A Game of Life and Death in World War II," a book that we all have thoroughly enjoyed reading.  I shared a U-tube video that is an interview featuring the author, Buzz Bissinger, of his incredible book, "The Mosquito Bowl," with our literary buffs, and it prompted yet more discussions.  Our Wednesday afternoon together was a perfect example of what a Book Club could be!  Our next two books that we will be reading are "SGT. Reckless, America's War Horse, author, Robin Hutton, and "The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, The Extraordinary WWII Story of the U.S. Navy's Finest Hour," author, James D. Hornfischer.  We have had a spectacular year of reading and discussing books together at AFRH, and our inspiration for the love of history and spending time together is just the very best!


April 11, 2024


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