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REACHING OUT and Reconnecting with VFW National Home for Children

A promise is a promise! Recently, I reconnected with Meghan Mcbride, an event coordinator at the "VFW National Home for Children," Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Meghan works tirelessly on behalf of the children and their families at the "VFW National Home."

I initially became acquainted with the "Children's Home" last year, and after understanding the history, the dynamics of their foundation/facility, and of their dedication, Meghan and I agreed to introduce the children to my books. The books were well received! At the time, I explained to Meghan and the children that I was writing yet another book, and once completed I would send copies of "Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest" to them. When Meghan and I recently reconnected, she explained to me that the "VFW National Home" was at full capacity, and we both agreed that the more books the merrier. So along with my newest book, the children have received copies of my previous titles as well.

The history of the "VFW National Home For Children," is most unique. It was founded in 1925, as a place where the families left behind by war-mothers, children, brothers and sisters could all remain together, keeping the family circle intact even when their serviceman didn't come home. Today's families face different challenges: reintegration, post traumatic stress, high unemployment, and rehabilitation from battlefield injuries among others. The National Home has evolved over the decades to meet those changing needs.

I would like to share a letter that Meghan Mcbride recently wrote to me:

“Dear Glenna,

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for sending the gift of your books for a second time to the VFW National Home for Children.

Your gift will put smiles on the faces of children whose families have paid a great price as a result of their service to our nation.

We currently have 89 children living at the National Home and 56 parents. Here is the breakdown of their ages as requested:

0 – 2 = 12 M - 6 F - 6

3 – 4 = 11 M - 7 F - 4

5 – 8 = 21 M - 11 F - 10

9 – 11 = 15 M - 8 F - 7

12 – 13 =12 M - 7 F - 5

14 –17 =16 M - 7 F - 9

18 & over = 2 M - 2 F - 0


Total 89

Life at the National Home as it is all over the nation is quite different from usual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your books will be stored in the National Home’s library until we are able to resume normal campus functions. When they are distributed, we plan to get photos and we will share those with you.

On behalf of everyone at the National Home, thank you for helping us remain a safe haven for the families of our nation’s heroes.


Your friends at the VFW National Home for Children”

I am most grateful to be sharing my books with the beloved kids and their families at the “VFW Children's Home.”

For more information about me and my non-profit, please VISIT our website at and BE INSPIRED to support our efforts, our books at and SHARE them with your family and friends!




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