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My Thoughts: "To America, Personal Reflections Of An Historian"

Dear Loyal Book Club Pals,

I am writing my thoughts about Stephen E. Ambrose's last book, "To America, Personal Reflections Of An Historian," in one swoop.  I have taken this approach, to pay tribute to Ambrose's research and his true love of history.

I am guessing that all members of our book club who have read this book, will take away the following about Stephen Ambrose.  He was a scholar, a writer, a man and a citizen.  And, as he studied the history of our great nation and its people, Ambrose's writings demonstrated what everyone knows about history, to what he personally had been taught about history, to what he had learned about history.  For example, in "Undaunted Courage:  The Pioneering First Mission to Explore America's Wild Frontier," a book our AFRH Book Club has read and discussed, Ambrose's writings demonstrated his love of Western history and his personal reflections with the Missouri River from having had so many camping trips with his very own family.

"To America, Personal Reflections Of An Historian," is the study of people, their decisions, and the consequences of those decisions.  Ambrose writes about our country's history praising the men and women who made it so unique and special.  He also writes with such an optimism toward the way America is seen around the world.  Myself, I paused a few times and wondered had Stephen Ambrose lived, just what he might be writing about today. 

In Chapter Nineteen, Nothing Like It In The World of "To America....Historian," Ambrose wrote the following words, "We've made the world a better place and we will continue to do so."  These words, coming from an author who dearly loved researching and writing about history so much, that this love does indeed transcend to his reader's.

Onward and upward book clubber's, as we begin to be enlightened by our next read, "The Pioneers," by David McCullough.

Stay safe and happy reading!



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