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My Fifth Visit To The Beloved Community Of Newtown, Connecticut

A week of meetings, a week of fun surprises, and a week of heartfelt reminders were my experiences during my July 17-21 visit to the beloved community of Newtown, Connecticut.

A dear friend and resident of Newtown, Mary Anders, has been a key factor for my return visits to Newtown. Mary cares deeply for her place of residence. She and her husband Scott Anders raised their three children in this idyllic New England town, as did thousands of others. It is an inspiration to understand Mary and Scott's tireless efforts, in regard to lifting up their community.

I visit Newtown, Connecticut in hopes of making a difference and supporting the needs of this beautiful place. My week-long visit this time was wonderful. Meeting extraordinary people that make extraordinary contributions to their community, is the very best! 

Some of the unforgettable memories during my visit to Newtown, Connecticut are as follows:

  • Spending several hours in Sandy Hook Elementary School...a school that exhibits learning at its best, and a school that manifests care and respect.

  • A visit to the Resiliency Center of Newtown. Meeting with Director, Stephanie N. Cinque and Office Manager, Jennifer LaVelle. This lovely center offers trauma-informed, therapeutic services focused on long-term individual and community healing for children and adults impacted by the tragedy at Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012.

  • An afternoon in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with the "Missionaries of Charity" and the children in their community. Such a humbling experience. The eight and nine-year-old children that I met and spent time with, were a delight! We discussed their favorite books and a sundry of educational topics. I have sent each of the ten children copies of my books, with a dedication in all of the titles. 

I'll be returning to Newtown, to help facilitate Intergenerational Initiatives - it will be an honor and a privilege.

I have included photographs of my July 17-21 visit to Newtown. I hope you enjoy them (see full album on Our Flickr Page)!

Most Grateful,


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