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Looking Ahead

More often than not, the months of January and February have been times of reflecting and regrouping for me.  I am grateful to view this time frame as such, because it provides a sense of personal growth and hopefully a clearer vision of what lies ahead.  

Courage From The Heart, my fifth book will be going to press within the next few weeks.  I share with family, friends, and colleagues that I have been writing this manuscript since the early 90's.  This book reflects years of experiences with children, their families, and the wonderful retirees that I have come to know throughout the many years of facilitating intergenerational partnerships and mentoring programs.  Courage from The Heart, honors the American women that served in World War II...they have made an everlasting impression on thousands of lives. Their strength, compassion, and their confidence was framed in courage and captures the true spirit of these brave and heroic women.   I look forward to sharing "Courage" so nicknamed by it's talented illustrator, Jared Oriel and Michele C. Barnes, graphic organizer who is  bringing this project together. I am fortunate to be working alongside these two professional and creative artists.

The Armed Forces Retirement Home is one of America's oldest veterans' retirement homes.  The Soldier's home was established in 1851 as an "asylum for old and disabled veterans."  Four of the original buildings still stand and are listed as national historic landmarks.  Two of the buildings, Quarters 1 and the Lincoln Retreat served as the summer White House for U.S. presidents-Chester Arthur, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Buchanan, and most notably, Abraham Lincoln.  Today, AFRH is a thriving environment for America's finest.  There is a wealth of knowledge residing on this historic campus.  Throughout the years, it has been an honor for me to visit and volunteer with the residents of Armed Forces Retirement Home.  Recently, I was offered an invitation from Christine Baldwin, Librarian of Armed Forces Retirement Home, and Carolyn Haug, Volunteer Coordinator of Armed Forces Retirement Home to join a "Reading Buddies" program that joins together the children attending the International Charter School situated on the campus of AFRH and the residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home.  As I keep company with America's finest and the children of the International Charter School, I know how truly inspired I will be.

During the weekend of April 8, 9, & 10, I'll be hosting a book signing and sharing my "hot off the press" book, Courage From The Heart, at U.S. Quantico Marine Base, Quantico, Virginia.  April is The Month of The Military Child and it is a time throughout our nation when we pay tribute to the children of those brave and honorable men and women who have, and are serving in The United States Armed Forces.  I'll be traveling to Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, and presenting my books April 22-24.

On April 30, Reading Is Fundamental of Northern Virginia will host a 5K Run Walk at Burke Lake Park, Burke, Virginia.  The tireless Board Members of RIF of NOVA that I so love to work with, will be enthusiastically coordinating this initiative, in order to make a tangible impact in their community by providing needy children with books that will encourage an early and sustained love of reading.  For race information and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

May 9-13, will lead me to the beloved town of Newtown, Connecticut.  This will be my third visit to Newtown during the past three years.  I have been invited to speak with Saint Rose of Lima Women's Organization and to share my new book, Courage From The Heart with different groups of people and places in Newtown.  I look forward to this journey and I am grateful to be returning.

Looking's exciting and filled with possibilities!

Most grateful, Glenna.


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