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Devon's Library Book Donations to RIF of NOVA

I hosted a Reading Is Fundamental of Northern Virginia meeting at my home on Tuesday, September 4.  During our meeting, we paid tribute to Devon and to both of his parents.  Devon's parents honored their unborn son by creating a beautiful library of 602 books to share with children in their community.

Posted on Facebook this past Tuesday, September 4th, from "Devon's Library" (Facebook Link): "It’s delivery day! Today we packed up the library and brought all 602 books (11 boxes total) to our friends at Reading Is Fundamental of Northern Virginia. It was such a pleasure to meet the board and volunteers who get books into the hands of Devon’s neighbors. The best part is, we’re not done yet!! Once the schools schedule their RIF days, we will be able to attend an event and see the children choose their books from Devon’s library! Thank you everyone. Our hearts are full and we know Devon is excited to make friends through his books!"

Please read more on RIF's Newsletter (link) Most grateful,   Glenna (The Kind Kids Organization)


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