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Book Signing At One Of My Favorite Places

Several weeks ago, while spending time with family and friends at my "home away from home," Hayesville, North Carolina, I was invited to book sign and spend time with the patrons at "Chinquapin's" located in the heart of historic downtown Hayesville, North Carolina.  It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by the families, friends, and the visitors to this unique place of business.

"Chinquapin's," which got its start as a pharmacy in the 1940's is most known for its original soda fountain that is still in operation.  Frequent visitors to the soda fountain enjoy hand mixed cherry cokes, chocolate malts, and vanilla sodas!  "Children" off all ages come from far and wide to enjoy a delicious treat, and browse through "Chinquapin's" delightful array of books and gifts that are for sale.

All during the day of book signing and meeting with the visitors to "Chinquapin's," I was reminded of how very much the beloved community of Hayesville has meant to my family for the past 34 years.  Friends that I have known for years stopped by, and I was so grateful to spend some time with them.  My family wouldn't have missed a visit to the soda fountain at "Chinquapin's" and my grandson, Charlie got comfortable with our books during the book signing. (Note that I included a picture of Charlie reading his favorite book of ours, "Memories With The Heart.")

Please take a minute or two, to enjoy the photos that I have included with my writing...lots of smiles and goodly folks!

Most grateful,


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