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Book Signing at Fort George G. Meade U.S. Army Base.... Children, Families, and Storytelling

My book signings at Fort George G. Meade are always fun, super busy, and exciting in that I have the privilege of meeting lots of pretty wonderful people. Just recently, on October 19-21, I spent many hours sharing my books with America's finest and their families.

It was a great three days, in that my books were well received and I was fortunate to be on the receiving end of so many goodly stories.These are stories that I will hold on to, for many days to come. They all seemed to have something in common...they spoke to kindness, strength, and the willingness to help and support people of all ages regardless of the circumstances.Grandparents, grandchildren, mother's and their children, father's and their children, caregivers, professionals, and entrepreneurs, all seemed to want to share something personal with me that was giving them purpose and courage. Wonderfully fulfilling stories, and all very heartfelt.

Please take some time to take a look at the pictures (see more on Our Flickr Page) that I have posted alongside my writing. Each photo has a story all its own to tell.

Most grateful,


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