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Book Signing at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland a U.S. Army Installation

During the days and early evenings of October 20 through October 22, I spent time with our U.S. Armed Forces men and women in uniform, their families, military retirees, and the civilian employees of Fort George G. Meade, U.S. Army Installation. I was invited to Fort Meade to host a book signing, and to read the books that I have authored to the children and their families living in the Fort Meade community and to those individuals that were visiting. Book signing at Fort Meade is always an interesting experience for me, because of the many interesting visitors that pass through this U.S. Army Installation. I am always grateful when these travelers purchase my books, and in turn introduce the books into the communities where they reside.

Something that resonated with me during my visit to Fort Meade, was the interest expressed in regards to becoming a volunteer. The books that I write, and my 501(c) 3 organization, Kind Kids Inc. speak to that very cause. Since October 20-22, I have received several emails from individuals that I met while book signing at Fort Meade, asking for guidance on becoming a volunteer...that's a very good thing!

I love the children that I meet during my visits to Fort Meade...they enjoy learning about why I write books and understanding the content and story line of my books. Most of all, it is truly wonderful to listen to these children of all ages speak to me about their own aspirations in regards to their education, their own personal writing skills, and their hopes for the future. I find myself grinning a lot and also feeling grateful to have met these younger folks!

Please take some time to look at the photos (on Our Flickr Page) that I took while book signing at Fort Meade...I believe you will enjoy them!

Most grateful,

Glenna C. Orr

Reading Specialist & Director of The Kind Kids, Inc.


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