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An Evening With America's Finest, Fellowship Across The Generations.

Smiles, laughter, and a sense of ease that can only come from a gathering where true fellowship is being shared, was the essence of the event, "An Evening With America's Finest." On Saturday, 29 February, at the Parish Center of St. Rita's Catholic Church, 18 of my dear friends from The Armed Forces Retirement Center, Washington, D.C. joined my friends and parishioners of St. Rita's for an evening of delicious foods, wonderful conversations, and lively music.

During the evening, those attending had the opportunity to meet Marinna Bogatov, the illustrator of my recent book, "Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest." Our friends and family had such fun visiting with the veterans who are the actual storytellers and the characters in my book. All through the evening hours, the veterans from AFRH signed their names next to their stories in "Remembering With The Heart," and were delighted to discuss their service to our country during WWII and The Korean War.

Children and adults across the generations experienced a true evening of fellowship. Indeed, some extraordinary memories were made...

Most grateful, 

Glenna C. Orr (Reading Specialist & Director of The Kind Kids Organization)


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