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An Endorsement of Giving with The Heart...

As we are getting ready to debut our latest book at the 30th Annual National Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp, we would like to share the words of Bonnie Carroll, founder of TAPS:

Praise for Glenna Orr's "Giving With The Heart, An Intergenerational Story”

Glenna Orr once again demonstrates her unparalleled ability to connect with today’s youth through her beautifully compelling new book, "Giving With The Heart, An Intergenerational Story”. Known for her meticulous research and passionate storytelling, Glenna continues to explore the vital lessons of American values—lessons that resonate in homes, schools, and places of worship across the nation. In her eighth book, she not only encapsulates the spirit of true Americanism through volunteerism but also addresses the evolving morals and attitudes that shape our society. Readers familiar with Glenna’s work, as well as newcomers, will find her latest endeavor both enlightening and essential. Giving With The Heart will inspire and educate the children in your life, and teach them valuable lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Thanks for the wonderful words Bonnie!


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