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Ambassador Kirkpatrick

Our Book Club at The Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington D.C. had a wonderful guest speaker, Liz Kintz, during our Wednesday meeting and we all throughly enjoyed her visit. She held a captive audience as she spoke of her assignment as a press aide in the George W. Bush White House, her work with Ari Fleischer devoted to the writing of his books, "Taking Heat" and "Supression, Deception, Snobbery, and Bias," and her role working alongside Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, doing research for the Ambassador's writings. Ambassador Kirkpatrick was the first woman to serve as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Liz Kintz has been a friend of our family for years and I am most grateful that she visited and paid tribute to the veterans residing at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington D.C.


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