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AFRH Librarian Perspective

What an interesting, fast-paced read! I am thoroughly engrossed in

the 3 childhoods of these famous/infamous men. The maps are an

important part of the book and it was good that the author puts them first,

so one can go back to review them. Also, interesting to see how the 3

mothers affected them. The stories about their personal lives brings color to

these future leaders. Since all three were men of action, even FDR and his

polio, and none liked to sit on the sidelines, it’s easy to see how they

became great men in their respective countries and at this critical point in

time. Does it remind you of Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns

Goodwin, which we read last year? I know some of you enjoyed the

comparison approach and some didn’t. But here it is again!

-Christine Baldwin, Librarian, AFRH


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