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A Pennsylvania Weekend and Book Signing at Carlisle Barracks

On September 22, my husband and myself began our long weekend and headed up the road to Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Thursday was a beautiful day with just a hint of Fall in the air. The sun was shining and it was a crystal clear day. Driving was easy peasy, because it was smooth sailing all of the way. Our two-and-a-half-hour trip was scenic and uneventful...just what we both had hoped for. Some months ago, I was invited to host a book signing at Carlisle Barracks. Carlisle Barracks is a United States Army facility located in Carlisle Pennsylvania. It is part of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command and is the site of the U.S. Army War College. It is the nation's second-oldest active military base. The illustrious grounds of Carlisle Barracks became settlements for those troops during the Seven Years' War (also known as the French and Indian War) and after the American Revolutionary War, from 1783-1837, the town of Carlisle was significant as the frontier gateway. In 1794, Carlisle Barracks became the center of military activity with the outbreak of the Whiskey Rebellion. President George Washington journeyed to the barracks to review the troops-perhaps as many as 10,000 men. The crisis came about by farmers in southwestern Pennsylvania, who refused to pay a tax on the commercial whiskey they distilled from their crops. The farmers found corn processed as alcohol was able to be transported east over the Alleghenies and more profitable to sell than was corn as grain. AND, as my husband and myself dined in the restaurant, 1774 The Whiskey Rebellion in downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania we were reminded of this time in history. From the historic site, to the menu and "libations" 1774 The Whiskey Rebellion was a place for an enjoyable Saturday night.

All through history Carlisle Barracks has played a most significant role in our nation's military missions. The grounds are idyllic and the structures are strong and beautiful. Our stay at historic Washington Hall was a treat and comfortable-especially after my 10:00am-6:00pm days of book signing and speaking with children and their families.

Sharing my books with children and their families is the best! And, the children and their

families of Carlisle Barracks were welcoming and eager to listen and learn of what my books were all about. On Sunday afternoon, a mother and her three girls stepped up to my book table and inquired about the genre of my five books that I have written. As we were engaged in conversation, the youngest little girl decided to step it up a bit and "take charge." This little one explained to me that her name is "McKenzie" and that her mommy had just sailed away! McKenzie continued on to share with me that the cousins and her aunt standing next to her were her family, and they indeed were going to take care of her while her mommy was away. As Mckenzie began strutting around in her boots and dancing away, her aunt explained that McKenzie's mom serves in the United States Navy Corps and was recently deployed. This foursome was a natural and a joy to watch. It was my privilege to meet them on that Sunday afternoon. Please take a little time to view the photos (see more at our Flickr Page) that accompany this writing, because I believe they will bring a smile to your heart.... Most grateful, Glenna C. Orr Reading Specialist & Director of The Kind Kids, Inc.


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