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A Mighty Girl... Sister Terry Martin, CND, Celebrates Becoming 90 Years Young

Sister Terry Martin, CND, has impacted people of all faiths through her many years of dedicated work with both children and adults. Her spiritual riches, beautiful heart, and creative soul has guided and taught people from all walks of life. Sister Terry celebrated becoming 90 years young on February 2, at Immaculate heart of Mary Catholic Church, Hayesville, North Carolina...she did so with 225 of her biggest fans present!

I have known "Terry" for over 20 years, and she has been both a dear friend, and guiding light to myself and to my family. Each and every time she sat around our dinner table or joined us for an evening out on the town, we learned, from her, laughed with her, and prayed with her-our lives have been all the better for knowing and loving her.  In August of 2019, Sister Terry will celebrate her 70th Jubilee as a CND. Through her years of service, "Terry" has been an elementary and high school teacher, formed GED classes, renovated run down stores and community centers to provide education facilities for people of all ages, and did these ministries in Canada, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, Virginia, the south side of Chicago, and the Bronx-wherever she was needed. For the past 28 years, Sister Terry has been living in Hayesville, North Carolina, and serving the communities in Western North Carolina. Her jobs as teacher, healer, and community leader in Appalachia has afforded so very many people to become the beneficiaries of her beautiful spirituality. 

I will indeed remember "Terry's" birthday celebration, for it was an evening of friends and families coming together to share love and devotion, and to honor one very "Mighty Girl!" Most grateful, Glenna (Reading Specialist & Director of The Kind Kids Organization)


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