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Tyson, He Found Us

During the cold and snowy winter days of February, in 2010, we rescued and brought into our home, a beloved dog named Tyson.  At the time, our family truly couldn't know how much comfort, respect, understanding, and unconditional love this rescue would bring to our lives.

Tyson was in need of much care, both personally and professionally, when he found us.  So, our family set out on a mission to try and make it "all right" for this dog.  For almost eight years, Tyson has endeared himself to family and friends alike.  And, for almost eight years, he had beat the odds regarding some plenty challenging health issues. If this beautiful creature was having a "so-so" time of it, well, one would never guess that to be.  On the contrary, Tyson would put his family first each and every minute of his life.  Just a few weeks back, our beloved and beautiful Tyson bid us farewell.  Whenever I read or hear the words courage, kindness, loyalty, and unconditional love, I'll be thinking of how lucky we are that Tyson found us! Most grateful,


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