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The Special Women in My Life

Thank you Ann, for orchestrating such a goodly meeting, and it was wonderful to see and listen to our wise and fellow friends. After our meeting yesterday and reading Lisa's RIF RAP presentation, I began to think on Lisa's outreach in regards to that special woman who has impacted/made a difference in each of our lives.  A few thoughts passed through my mind and my heart, and I wanted to share them with you.... There is a "bundle" of women that have touched my life; therefore, to project just one isn't even remotely possible.  So, I think of the times in my life when these very special people were present to share laughter, joy, successes, and were even present to weather the worst of storms.  Some of these women have been by my side my entire life, and some of these women for times when it seemed that I needed them the very most.  There is one constant that resonates with me about women who have made such a difference in my life-it's those women who have taught me something that I in turn, can share and truly "pay it forward."  I even believe that happens when we are very young people.  Being a career public school teacher has been a part of me ever since I was in elementary school.  I came to this realization while being inspired by my Second Grade Teacher, and then the deal was sealed when I was fortunate to be taught by this very same stupendous woman as a Fourth Grade Student.  All through the years of being a student, to include my years completing my undergraduate studies and my graduate school studies, I took what I learned from those in particular that had that "special something" to teach me that in turn I could share with others and hopefully make a difference.   Our friends teach us.  Our friends teach us humility, they teach us how to be courageous, they teach us how to be confident, they teach us to be hopeful, and they teach us how to celebrate life.  My women friends, a few in particular who have weathered a tragic storm with me, the passing of my beloved daughter, have taught me so very much.  I know this to be true, because for the past fourteen years when circumstances present themselves and there are hardships to give hope to, I rely on what these most special women have taught me and I share these "learnings" with others.  So for our friends, I am grateful. And, to my RIF of NOVA pals, the devotion that you have put forth to promote reading and impact the lives of children and their families, this devotion will be constant for years to come.  Have A Happy Weekend! Glenna 


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