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REACHING OUT to Carolyn Anders on 'Remembering With The Heart...'

“Hi Glenna - finally had a chance to sit down and write a little review of your special book. I have attached the photo of my niece holding one of the books that I sent to her for her 4th birthday which was this past Saturday! We also sent a copy to Mark's nephews and his sister-in-law Lilian sent us a very kind thank you note (via text message) saying that both Connor (14) and Colton (7) really enjoyed reading the real-life-stories of our American Veterans.

I think one of the most special elements about this book is the inter-generational thread woven through the stories, creatively depicted by young people volunteering at the Armed Forces Retirement Home and then talking about their experiences over shared meals at home with their grandparents and parents. The combination of historic photographs, maps, articles, and character illustrations provides another layer of interest that most certainly captures the interest of readers of all ages. I especially liked the inspiring storytelling of our servicemen & women who served our Country in ways that one might not typically think of, for example the Supply Sergeant, Radio Man, and Code Girl. 'Remembering With the Heart: Stories by America's Finest' is a patriotic treasure that should be a Memorial Day & Veteran's Day family reading tradition!

Thanks again Glenna!” - Carolyn Anders

Carolyn Anders and I have known one another now for ten years. We first became friends at our church, St. Rita Catholic Church, Alexandria, Virginia. Our friendship grew while volunteering for community initiatives, and we both recognize how very important family and friends are to leading a successful and full life. In December of 2012, Carolyn and I began to work together for a "cause." Carolyn's family resides in Newtown, Connecticut. She introduced me to her beloved family that were first responders to the horrific tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In July, 2013 Carolyn and I made our first journey to Newtown. My life was forever more changed from this first, week-long visit with Carolyn's family and the residents of the Sandy Hook School Community. I made four subsequent journeys to Newtown, Connecticut. Carolyn Anders is a goodly friend, and I am grateful to know her!

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