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Most Grateful

Recently, while having a conversation with my son Ryan, I was encouraged to take some

pauses - a little time during each and every day to reflect and be most grateful.  And within minutes of our conversation, Ryan sent to me some photos of his rescue dog, "Scooby."  Receiving the pictures of "Scooby" and knowing the life that "Scooby" had endured prior to being adopted / rescued by my son Ryan and his best girl, Stephanie, the pictures did indeed bring a smile to my heart and a pause to a very preoccupied mind.

This time of year brings about such a wide range of sentiments for each and every one of us.  Young and old alike are rejoicing in the celebrations of the season, and reminiscing about people and times that have brought them to this very point in their lives.  For me personally, the Christmas season represents a time of reflection and remembering those beloved family members and friends, and four-legged friends that have brought such inspiration and love to my life.  Those special people that I am able to celebrate life with, continue to mean so very much to me.  And those loved ones that I'm dearly missing and holding especially close to my heart are continuing to guide me throughout my days and nights...they too are very much a part of the celebration. My holiday wish for you is to take some pauses - a little time and hold those close to yourself that have brought laughter, tears, and  everlasting memories to your heart.

As always…  Most grateful, Glenna.


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