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Happy Holidays To You And Yours

During no other season of the year, do all walks of life come together to make life better and more beautiful for one another. For the past few months while hosting book signings and sharing my books with families and communities, I have listened and learned from people of all ages-their stories touched my heart immensely.

There is one storyteller that will move me along for years to come. I met Joey in October while book signing at Fort George G. Meade, United States Army installation located in Maryland. Joey and I had a rather lengthy conversation about reading and writing stories, and at the onset of our conversation I came to realize that Joey was a very wise nine-year-old. Joey's mother gave him permission to select one of my book titles for purchase; however, Joey was persistent that he take two of my books with him that afternoon. I questioned Joey about his needing to take two books home with him...his immediate response was spoken without hesitation. "Mrs. Orr, I'll need an extra book, because someday I'll meet someone that will need a book like yours." Joey left that afternoon with two books tucked under his arm, "Hearts Always Open," and "Memories With The Heart." Thanks to meeting Joey, I believe that I will have a smile in my heart for years to come.

Wishing you a bright and very Merry Christmas!

Most grateful,

Glenna (Reading Specialist & Director of The Kind Kids Organization)


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