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Feature a Friend Friday

Meet Robert M. Webb. Robert is a joy of a person-truly remarkable to know! He joined The United States Army in 1944. His first assignment was in Le Havre, France at eighteen years of age. Robert M. Webb then moved on to Garmisch, Germany where he attended Military Ski School for two weeks. His "toughest" assignment was standing guard to the Nazi War Criminals in Nuremberg, Germany. Robert also worked in SS Trooper Prison Camps along with a Polish Military Company. Four of Robert's brothers also served during WWII. Two of his brothers joined the United States Army Air Corps, one of his brothers joined the United States Navy, and the fourth brother joined the United States Marine Corps. Every branch of the service was represented by The Webb Family.

Robert and I became friends when I spent many hours listening to his stories about his military career, and his endearing stories about his family-in particular Robert's parent's. Robert grew up on a farm in Ohley, West Virginia, alongside eight brothers and sisters. He described his parents as good people who were always doing kind deeds...especially for people who never seemed to have enough food to eat.

Robert M. Webb is a "storyteller" in my recent book, "Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest," and for this I am grateful!



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