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Courage From The Heart

As a child growing up and learning from America's Greatest Generation, I listened a lot, became an avid reader, and developed into a life-long learner.  It began with my father who served in The United States Marine Corps-he knew how valuable an education was and he knew that good study skills and continually practicing the process of learning would be key to succeeding in life.  I am always reflecting on my father's courage and his wisdom and so very grateful for him. My mother was one of ten children.  She and her siblings-all of my aunts and uncles were very much a part of The World War II Era.  They either served in The United States Armed Forces, or they were called to duty to work in factories that supported the needs of our country at the time.  On countless occasions while growing up, I would be an earnest listener to the many stories told by my mother's large and extended family-their struggles and their rewards.  She and her siblings grieved over the loss of their older brother.  The remains of my mother's oldest brother are buried in Sicily...he fought bravely for his country and was awarded The Purple Heart.

My fifth book, Courage From The Heart evolved from years of inspiration from my own family, from children that I have educated through the years, and America's finest...the men and women in uniform who serve in The United States Armed Forces.  The characters in my fifth book exemplify a nature to give of themselves and to care for others.  As the main character and storyteller Miss Louise speaks with her captive audience, Henry, Agnes, and Joan, she reminisces about her career as a nurse in the U.S. Navy Corps.  And as the afternoon visit between the four lingers on with purpose and unexpected meaning, Miss Louise speaks in detail about her Aunt Margaret, a nurse in the U.S. Navy Corps who served in the Philippines during World War II.  Courage From The Heart remembers and pays tribute to the United States Army and Navy nurses who were stationed at several U.S. base hospitals in the Philippines from 1941-1945.  The women nurses that were sent into combat were strong, confident, and kind-their kindness was framed in courage.

I am looking forward to sharing Courage From The Heart, once it is complete and ready for presentation-December, 2015.  And as I am book signing and discussing my writings during the  months at hand, I will be sharing some of the illustrations and topics that are written in this book about America's finest.

Most grateful, Glenna.

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