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Christmas Time At The Armed Forces Retirement Home

Beautiful decorations, serene sentiments, and content residents are very much the part during the holiday season, at The Armed Forces Retirement Home, one of America's oldest veteran's retirement homes.I have known this wonderful campus since 1998.My introduction to AFRH, developed when I was asked to collaborate an Intergenerational Partnership with Middle School Students of Washington, D.C. and a nearby retirement center...and that is when I discovered this gracious place.Presently, as I am helping to facilitate a "Reading Buddy" partnership with the residents of The Armed Forces Retirement Home and The International Charter School that resides on the campus of AFRH, I realize that some very worthwhile and ideal initiatives will always have a place for a dedicated volunteer.

"Christmas Time" at The Armed Forces Retirement Home is both busy and celebratory.Today, as I enjoyed a visit with Christine Baldwin, the Librarian of AFRH, I was reminded of the many activities that are provided to the residents during this sentimental and glorious time of the year.The residents, staff members, and volunteers are all family at AFRH, and each and everyone has a place in each other's hearts.

The beautiful decorations are everywhere-welcoming, comforting, and yet subtle in their own magnificent way. There is something to behold for everyone present!

Librarian, Christine Baldwin called it "serendipitous" because lucky for me today, resident Norma Rambow and I were able to catch up for a bit and share some holiday spirit. Norma's daughter is visiting from Michigan, and Norma and she are having a great time together. Norma and I met for the first time in February of this year. Norma served in The United States Marine Corps during WWII, and she guided me through some very detailed history as I was writing my fifth book, Courage From The Heart. As well, Norma endorsed Courage From The Heart, and I am most grateful to her for this!

Please take some time to view some pictures (more on Our Flickr Page) that I took while spending some "Christmas Time" at The Armed Forces Retirement Home....

Most grateful,

Glenna C. Orr

Reading Specialist & Director of The Kind Kids, Inc.


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