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Chapters 1-5: "The Allies," by Winston Groom

Dear Trusty Book Club Friends, And here we are, ready and able to dive into yet another year of reading and discussing impressive books that will ignite our memories, and ignite our desire for learning.  We have selected a very good book, "The Allies," written by Winston Groom, to kick off our book club this year.  Our first assignment, to read chapters 1-5 has been both intriguing and spell binding.  Even though our group of avid readers have read several books on Winston Churchill and books related to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, I have learned some interesting facts about both of these historical leaders thus far.  Josif Stalin, the third historical leader in Groom's book, let's just say that my eyes have been opened to man like no other.  There is one and only one, Winston Spencer Churchill.  He was a man of extraordinary wit, genius, and courage.  Raised as an aristocrat between the society circles of London and large country houses, there was nothing ordinary about Churchill's life-even as a young child.  Author, Winston Groom researched and presented enriching details about the formative years of Churchill's personal life, and the riveting tales of Churchill's professional life.  It's not surprising that even though I have viewed movies about Winston Churchill and read books about him in years past, revisiting his life and discovering new stories related to his life are every bit as intriguing.  I am looking forward to learning more about the enduring spirit of Churchill. Josif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, known to the world as Joseph Stalin(in English, "man of steel") was as different from Winston Churchill as it was possible to be.  Author, Winston Groom introduced Stalin, in Chapter 2 of 'The Allies," and the cold and graphic circumstances that surrounded his thin and untruthful life were difficult to comprehend.  Stalin's life as a young child prepared him for the many, many unscrupulous and treacherous years that this historical figure was to live.  I am looking forward to reading about the interactions between Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin. Franklin Roosevelt was born to do great things in thoughts completely.  As we continue to read our book, "The Allies," I will focus and shift my writings on Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin.  Until the next time that we share our thoughts about these three remarkably different men, enjoy and stay safe!



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