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Honoring Catharine Deitch

Catharine Deitch served in the WAAC(Women's Army Auxiliary Corps) from December 30, 1942 to August 9, 1943. She then served in the WAC(Women's Army Corps) from August 9, 1943 to November 24, 1945. Catharine Deitch was an Administrative Specialist as the WAC Detachment First Sergeant at Headquarters Army Air Forces India, Burma Theater, Calcutta, India. During the many conversations that I had with Catharine, I learned a lot. She shared how very much she loved serving our country and that all of her extraordinary experiences made a tremendous impact on her life. Catharine always encouraged others to do their best, and to help those along the way that needed it the most. Her two favorite words were Courage and Strength.

Catharine Deitch is a character in my book, "Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest." I will always remember her fun smile and her telling me, "God is my co-pilot and He is with me always!"


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