Book Signing at U.S. Marine Base, Quantico, Virginia

On October 16, 17, and 18, the families and associates at The United States Marine Base, Quantico, Virginia, invited me to share my books and the many experiences that have come about from the years of being a part of intergenerational partnerships.  Hosting a book signing at Quantico has always been a positive and uplifting event for me; I hosted my first book signing at Quantico in 2008. 

It is always rewarding and so much fun to speak with the children of the families while hosting book signings, and it is especially a delight to observe children as they turn the pages of my books and then choose a favorite book for me to sign.  On Friday, October 16, Luzaira Curry, an inquisitive and bright ten year old, approached me with wonderment on her face and then proceeded to study and make comments about my books.  Luzaira had a captive audience-her mother, her two year old brother, and myself listened and watched as Luzaira read my books and chose her favorites.  Memories With The Heart, my third book that tells a true to life story about a grandmother and her grandson was Luzaira's number one pick!  It was no wonder that she selected Memories With The Heart, because as Luzaira read and reread this book to me she spoke about the characters in the book with compassion and such endearing sentiments.  Luzaira made connections with the characters and story of Memories With The Heart and that is the very best (please follow This Link to read a Thank You Note from Luzaira's mom)!

I'll be returning to Quantico in April, to celebrate The Month of The Military Child and to share my forthcoming book, Courage From The Heart.

Most grateful, Glenna.

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