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Book Sharing & Happy Easter!

Wishing all of my trusty literary pals a blessed and beautiful Easter Week. This has always been a time of the liturgical calendar when I am reflecting on how I have been, how I am, and how I can move forward and continue to live in a better and more positive way. I am reminded at this time that it is wise sometimes to "just be" and allow "the Powers that be" to do their work. I am again reminded how relevant prayer is during our daily activities. Perhaps when we sit around our "discussion table" once again and enjoy critiquing our favorite books, we can begin our Book Club meetings with a prayer of gratitude...a prayer of hope, and a prayer of good tidings. :)

I am definitely enjoying reading, "The Women With Silver Wings," written by Katherine Sharp Landdeck. This book is a particularly great selection in celebration of Women's History Month. Author, Katherine Sharp Landdeck, has certainly done her homework in regards to showcasing the lives of the daring and brave women airfare service pilots(WASP). The letters, the photos, and the diaries that Ms. Landdeck has included in "The Women With Silver Wings," provided personal insight into the adventures of these trailblazing and courageous characters. These ladies from all different life situations, were independent, strong, and very intuitive! More notes to follow on this oh so good book, as I am seemingly always the last to complete critiquing our reads! :)

I want to share a very good thing with you all. Recently, The Toys For Tots Foundation and TAPS(Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors) has partnered with me to distribute my books, "Courage From The Heart," and your book, "Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest," to children. Thus far, the VFW National Home for Children, Eaton Rapids, Michigan, received multiple copies of both books in celebration of National Reading Month. And coming up is the 2021 TAPS National Seminar, Washington, D.C. and the children attending the "Good Grief Camps at the seminar will be receiving copies of "Courage From The Heart," and "Remembering With The Heart!" I am so grateful for these initiatives, and equally grateful that you all have been such a tremendous part of this!! I thank you with all of my heart...

See you soon & God Bless!



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