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Annual Reading is Fundamental of Northern Virginia Luncheon

Being a Board member of Reading Is Fundamental of Northern Virginia( is an honor, a dedication to service, and a whole lot of fun.  Every year our Board hosts an annual luncheon-it is a coming together of both colleagues and friends-we celebrate what our year of service has been all about.  Our Board members have much to celebrate, for we continue to support and celebrate literacy for The Northern Virginia Area while helping to place books into schools for students.  

Our June 2, 2015 RIF of NOVA luncheon held a special

surprise for me.  My colleagues and friends honored me with a lovely award, The 2015 Jerry Shelton Award.  The late Jerry Shelton was a long-time Board Member of Reading Is Fundamental of Northern Virginia.  It was Jerry's dedication to service, and passion for the promotion of literacy that brought him much respect.  Jerry Shelton's son, Sam Shelton and Jerry's grandson, Howie, were on hand at our annual luncheon to celebrate, and to honor me with this award.  Our Community Advisory Board Member, Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, was present for our annual luncheon...Lynda is an advocate for literacy and holds her Reading Is Fundamental of Northern Virginia very close to her heart. 

I am grateful for receiving recognition from my friends and colleagues; however, it is their friendship and compassion that I treasure the most!

For more pictures please visit our Flickr Photostream.

Most Grateful, Glenna.


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