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All For The Love Of Children And Reading

Being an Area Chairperson of four Alexandria City Schools for Reading Is Fundamental of Northern Virginia, gives me the opportunity to visit schools and observe children and their school community at their very best.  And, along the way I have met remarkable people.  Mildred Rivera is one of those individuals that certainly has her heart dedicated to children and she is a true advocate for literacy.  

I first met Mildred four years ago at John Adams Elementary, Alexandria City Schools.  Mildred's twin boys attended John Adam's Elementary School and she was indeed their grandest cheerleader and their utmost advocate.  The mother of these twin boys along with phenomenal volunteers of the John Adam's community, have orchestrated fun, lively, and memorable Reading Is Fundamental book distributions that have both delighted and educated the entire student body of John Adams Elementary.  It was always such an uplifting experience to observe these students selecting their very own book to take home, be a part of a well thought out educational experience, and to be nurtured by the likes of Mildred Rivera.

Even though Mildred's sons are now attending CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders) Academy and Hammond Middle School in Alexandria, Virginia, Mildred continues to volunteer at John Adams Elementary School and assists with the RIF book distributions.  Recently, while attending a RIF book distribution at John Adams Elementary, Mildred and I were able catch up and enjoy some lost time.  In turn, we decided to extend our conversation and meet later on in the week at a coffee shop.  I am so very glad that we did!  During our meeting, Mildred and I talked about the books that I have written and she became interested in her sons and their classmates having multiple copies of my books.  I didn't hesitate to oblige, because I knew very well that my donation of multiple copies of each of my four books would be both enjoyed and very much appreciated. 

A week or so after I donated the books to Card Academy and Hammond Middle School, I received a bundle of heartwarming thank you notes (link) from the students of CARD Academy.  As well, some kindly written notes of thanks for sharing my books with the children and their families found their way to me.  Please take some time to read the special thank letters that I received from students and their parents (Helena letter link)...I'm certain that you will be inspired.

Most grateful, Glenna.


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