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Across The Generations...All You Need is Love

Our son Ryan is moving to Jacksonville, Florida.  Ryan is both happy and is his best girl who is already in Jacksonville.  Great jobs, a beautiful place to live, and a personal life all their own.  Our family is happy and proud for them and we share their excitement!  We as a family vacationed last winter in it will be easy and fun for us to find our way back there for celebrations and family visits.

Ryan will be missed.  Ryan and his nephew, Charlie have become the best of friends throughout these past twelve years of Charlie's life.  Charlie's mother, our daughter Erinn, and sister of Ryan, died in June of 2006, when Charlie was very young.  All of our lives changed forever more.  Yet, in our most desperate of moments, and our times of celebrations we held steadfast together.  We understood that hearts heal hearts, and we were doing just that for each other.  Whether it was the birthday and holiday celebrations, baseball games to cheer Charlie on for his new found talents, or weekend breakfasts lunches, and dinners, we had those times-those special times together.

Memories will keep us well.  It will not be the same to not have our Ryan with us....he will indeed be missed. 

Ryan, Glenna and Charlie - The Three Musketeers!


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