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A Visit And Presentation To The Armed Forces Home

"There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer” - James Doolittle

Several months ago, I was contacted by the Armed Forces Retirement Home to present and discuss some of my intergenerational initiatives that have transpired throughout the past thirty years, and to share the books that I have been fortunate to write and publish. As I am no stranger to the AFRH, when asked to give my presentation a title, I immediately offered, "Across The Generations We All Make A Difference." So, on November 17, 2015, I had the distinct privilege of spending the afternoon with America's Finest in their lovely community center at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C.

The men and women, all retired enlisted soldiers that have served in our United States Armed Forces, who spent the afternoon with me on November 17, were gracious, astute, and eager to share some of their lifetime experiences. As one can well imagine, these veterans of our U.S. Armed Forces have had experiences that we have read and studied in multiple literacy formats.

However, what truly captured my attention and my heart was the keen interest that the residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home put forth, in regards to volunteering and being of service to our youth of this great nation of ours. Our discussions and conversations led to some hopeful initiatives that I would be delighted to be a part of.

I'll be looking forward to my next visit with America's Finest - sharing conversations and discussing ways to service the future of our country!

Most grateful, Glenna.

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Stacy M
Stacy M
Sep 23, 2021

Nice shhare

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