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A Remarkable Adventure

Recently, Hunter McIntosh, a friend to my late daughter, Erinn Kristen Orr, invited my daughter's son Charlie, myself, and my husband Bob Orr to make a journey on his boat, THE LISERON.

Hunter McIntosh, President of The Boat Company Explorations and The McIntosh Family, incorporated The Boat Company as a non-profit organization with the mission of providing educational and recreational trips in Southeast waters focusing on the Tongass National Forest, its beauty, its problems, and its promise for future generations-this all began in the year of 1979. A first vessel, THE OBSERVER (an ex-Navy harbor minesweeper) was put into service in 1980. THE LISERON, (Morning Glory in French) an MSC (minesweeper coastal) class vessel was purchased from the Department of Defense in had been on loan to the French Government. After a year of redesign and work, THE LISERON was ready to accommodate its guests. The McIntosh Family built a new replica, THE MIST COVE and she joined the fleet in 2000. For over 40 years, The McIntosh Family has been involved in Alaskan conservation. Their mauntra..."the more people from the lower 48 that come to visit this part of the country and see it through our eyes, the more advocates Alaska will have to protect its natural resources and promote managing them effectively, thus allowing future generations the privilege and pleasure of seeing it as we do today."

On June 9, 2018 at approximately 12:40 pm, Charlie, Bob, and myself departed Washington, DC for Sitka, Alaska.Prior to our departure for a much anticipated adventure, we were told that for over 30 years The Boat Company has conducted conservation tours of Southeast Alaska's temperate rainforest - The Inside Passage.The one-week trips are spent from Saturday to Saturday and either begin in Sitka and end in Juneau, or reverse the route and go from Juneau to Sitka.It was also brought to our attention that there is no "typical" Boat Company trip.Each journey is shaped by the guest's personal interests that are combined with the wonderful variety of activities available in Southeast Alaska.And, during several very informative personal phone calls that were made to our family before our adventure, we were educated in regards to the appropriate attire to bring along for summertime in Alaska's temperate rainforest.Our family studied up on this beautiful place in our country, and from our readings we had long developed respect and admiration for America's last great wildernes

Sunday, June 10 in the afternoon, we boarded THE LISERON. As we boarded, 12 crew members graciously welcomed us aboard. Introductions were made with polite handshakes and kind smiles all the way around. Charlie, Bob, and myself were shown to our cabin and we were informed that Social Hour began at 6:00pm in the ship's salon, followed by Dinner at 7:00pm on the fantail of THE LISERON. We three journeymen made our way to the salon by 6:00pm sharp and were welcomed by our fellow passengers, The Hyslop Family-seventeen extraordinary and oh so wonderful travel companions. The eleven children traveling with The Hyslop Family immediately scooped our Charlie up, and for all twelve children...their every time together was magical. Watching these twelve children of all ages engage in daily activities and just being children was the very best! The eight adult members of The Hyslop Clan opened their hearts and their minds to Charlie, Bob, and myself at every occasion and at each and every turn. Betsy and Jim Hyslop brought their family together for the remarkable Alaskan adventure, and I'm certain they both are grateful for the multitude of memories that were made by all seventeen members of their beautiful family. 

For six exceptional days as we sailed and anchored on THE LISERON, we fellow passengers experienced challenging hikes, kayaking adventures that introduced us to wildlife and whale viewing at every twist and turn, and fishing that brought laughter and sportsmanship to all twenty of us. The steadfast and devoted crew of THE LISERON, guided us, and cared for our every activity...always with a smile and with unsurmountable patience.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner while aboard THE LISERON was just incredible! We twenty fellow passengers sat down family style for each meal, and we were treated to the most delicious foods and baked goods. The presentations were exquisite and the hospitality provided to us at each meal was a delight. Each and every one of us was grateful for the nutritious and lovely meals.

The morning of June 16, we bid our farewells, for our adventure had come to a close. There were handshakes and there was hugging. Words of gratitude were spoken amongst the fellow passengers and the crew members alike. The outdoor activities that we all experienced on our Alaskan adventure will stay in our hearts and minds. This remarkable will all be remembered! 

Most grateful,


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