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A Librarian's perspective on Chapters 6-10 of "The Allies" by Winston Groom

We start this section with Churchill and his learning to paint in

1915…a good hobby for him with the future of WW1 coming on. He is also

writing; one book being a 3 volume work of World Crisis. He also begins his political career. This time fits along with Stalin and FDR and again the

author mirrors their ups and downs in their careers. It’s interesting that FDR takes the U.S. off the gold standard, while Churchill puts England on it. The author brings to life all the hardships going on in the U.S., Depression, Dust

Bowl, etc. and how FDR and Eleanor connect with the people. Of course,

this is not what is going on in Russia. Total control by Stalin, but again

because of his “strength”, other countries are buying into communism. We

then end this section with WW 2 starting and will see how the 3 meet up as

we read the last part of this fascinating read.


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