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A Gift From The Veterans Of The Armed Forces Retirement Home To The Children And Families Attending

The children and their families attending the TAPS National Military Suicide & Good Grief Camps in Dallas, Texas, on October 8-10, will be receiving copies of my book, "Courage From The Heart." Each book will have a note enclosed, from my very dear and wonderful friends, the veterans who are residing at The Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, DC. Shown here with a copy of "Courage From The Heart," is Norma Gene Rambow(Ret. U.S. Marine Corps) who served during WWII. Norma endorsed "Courage From The Heart" and provided me with some of her historical experiences while I wrote this book. We are so grateful to be gifting copies of "Courage" to the children attending the TAPS Good Grief Camps in Dallas, TX, for this book speaks to patriotism, honor, kindness, and courage.


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