Those We Serve

The Kind Kids Organization

Whenever the need arises to promote learning, The Kind Kids Organization is willing to be present, supportive, and committed to enriching the lives of individuals of all ages   The young, the not so young, families, communities, and organizations are those that we serve for multiple reasons and in a variety of venues.

The Kind Kids Organization, established in 2006, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that instills volunteerism in community activities and promotes literacy for people of all ages.  For over thirty-five years, we have been a facilitator of Volunteer Intergenerational Programs of inspiring activities between children of all ages and senior residents/mentors of retirement centers, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.  The experiences have been countless-all unique to the very special locations and dynamics of those that served the other.

There's a thing about hope...and searching for hope.  For the past several years while sharing our books, we have had the distinct privilege and honor of meeting the most remarkable people.  Their stories and their memories will remain in our hearts for a lifetime to come.  It's pretty remarkable what defines one's life-faith, family, friendships, or perhaps the dedication to a profession.  Along with our commitments, our journeys, we can come to experience such joy and at times much sorrow.  When we have listened and spoken with people of all ages who have lost someone they love, often we are awestruck by their courage and how their lifelong journeys continue to prevail.  One common thread in many of the stories is the will that people empower to make something better, a bit easier, or kinder because of the loss that they have personally experienced.

The Kind Kids Organization will continue to author books, support Intergenerational Initiatives, and help organizations meet the needs of people at very different stages of life: those who are just beginning their journeys and those who have a lifetime of experiences to share.