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We Love Featuring Our Friends on Fridays!

George Johnson, a resident of The Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, D.C. grew up living with his grandparents in Frankfort, Ohio. With much pride, George enjoys sharing stories about his years as a young child, "meeting the needs of the land and the animals on the farm." His family inspired him most. George was surrounded by good work ethics-his family took pride in their work and completed whatever they started. George recalls his grandmother saying, "The servant is worthy of his hire." ( 1 Timothy 5:18). It is my good fortune to be a friend of George Johnson. During some of our conversations, George showed me copies of his great-grandmother's Freedom Document, his great-grandfather's volunteer enlistment document to serve as a soldier in The Civil War, and his father's enlistment papers to serve in World War I. George will be the first to say that he had some plenty remarkable role models throughout his entire life.

George Johnson served in the United States Navy during the Korean War. He was a Chief Radioman that served on seven ships, including the USS Atka and the USS Banner-sister ship to the USS Pueblo. George received an award for "Company Honor Man." He was the only Black man in his recruit training company.

George is a member of my book club that has been meeting weekly at The Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, D.C. for the past five years. He is an avid reader, and especially enjoys lively discussions about historical political figures. I am so very proud that George Johnson is a friend of mine, and equally proud that he is a storyteller in my most recent book, "Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest."



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