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"The Allies" Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and the Unlikely Alliance That Won WWII

Dear Trusty Book Club Members,

I hope that you all have enjoyed reading chapter's 6 thru 10 in our book, "The Allies" as much as I have this past week.  Author, Winston Groom has a style of writing all his own, and this has become even more apparent as we continue learning about the personal and professional lives of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin.  Groom's honest and forthright portrayal of each of these three historical international figures, and the family members and friends that surround them is both intriguing and revealing.  So much so, that I am creating an on-going list of topics to further research, in regards to some of the storylines in Groom's, "The Allies."

What captured my attention the most about Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin was their uniqueness in "carrying on" with their lives, even when circumstances surrounding their personal and professional lives were far different than they each had hoped they would be.  All three of these men were deliberate, strong willed, and relentless, and each of the three had their very own style of acquiring success.

Winston Churchill has always captured my attention.  I could read, read, and read about his many worldly accomplishments and near death experiences.  I would like to say that Churchill was always reinventing himself during his lifetime-a war correspondent, a soldier, a seaman, a prisoner of war, Prime Minister of England, wartime leader, husband, father, artist; however, during all that he did accomplish and those times when he lost what he so loved, Winston Churchill stayed true to himself.  I admire that the most in him.

Joseph Stalin is a historical figure that I have much to learn about.  The first ten chapters in Groom's book, "The Allies" teaches us that there's more than meets the eye in regards to Stalin.  Stalin's mother, Ekaterina("Keke") was Stalin's saving grace, even in a childhood filled with viciousness and chaos.  Joseph Stalin's life as a thief, bank robber, military leader, an exile, murderer, father, husband-continuously displayed ruthless and psychotic behaviors.

Franklin Roosevelt on many fronts was a selfless individual.  Putting aside his personal infidelities, Roosevelt led his entire life with dedication and devotion to wanting to make things better for our country.  Roosevelt's battle with polio, his position of assistant secretary of the Navy, governor of the state of New York,  a wartime leader, elected President of The United States for four terms, father, husband, family man-his many roles in life all seemed to be a part of a greater vision that "the powers that be" had mapped out for him. 

As we read chapter's 11 thru 16 this week, I would suppose that author, Winston Groom will continue to enlighten us about the allies...Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin.

All the best-



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