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My Book Club Notes: For My Beloved Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, D.C. Trusty Book Club Members

Hi Laila & Trusty AFRH Book Club Members,


Hoping that your week is off to a goodly start! :)  I am enjoying our current book, "Silver Wings, Iron Cross" authored by Tom Young.  This realistic fiction presentation/saga is a page-turner in that it is an easy read, and an uncomplicated personal portrayal of two very different men, yet similar in their beliefs of some of the causalities that wartime delivers.  Having not read any of author, Tom Young's books prior to "Silver Wings..." I have nothing to compare our current read to; however, Mr. Young does have the capability to bring his two main characters to life.


Lieutenant Karl Hagan, pilot and aircraft commander of a squadron of B-17's, his very own plane entitled "Hellstorm," were to begin their final mission of WWII.  This 35th mission to take off from Rougham Field in Bury, St. Edmunds England, would pave the squadron's way to return to their homes, their families, and to their future careers.  However, the fate of wartime changes this for some of Lieutenant Hagan's comrades as well as himself.


Oberleutnant Wihelm Albrecht, a 25 year old executive officer and 2nd in command of the Type VII Kriegsmarine U-Boat 351, begins his personal saga in "Silver Wings, Iron Cross" as his U-351 is limping home to Bremen, Germany, from Kiel.  The Wolfpack of five U-Boats on patrol...only Oberleutnant Albrecht's U-Boat barely survived the mission. When a future assignment is delivered to Oberleutnant Wihelm Albrecht, he chooses to desert and not follow the suicide order for himself and for his crew. 


**I have read to page 140/Chapter 17 and am looking forward to learning the rest of this WWII realistic fiction saga.  And, I am so looking forward seeing you on Wednesday, 27 March and discussing "Silver Wings, Iron Cross," authored by Tom Young in its entirety.     


My best to each and every member of our phenomenal Book Club....Happy Reading! 




March 12, 2024


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