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Mourning the loss of General Colin L. Powell, an American luminary and lifelong public servant

I had the distinct honor to write my first book, "Open Minds, Open Hearts A Journey With The Ages," in collaboration with General Colin Powell's illustrious foundation, "America's Promise-The Alliance for Youth." That experience alone, will be unforgettable. However, all the while during the writing of my first book, both "America's Promise" and my publisher, VSP Books, Peter and Cheryl Barnes encouraged me to establish my very own 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, Kind Kids Inc. The staff of "America's Promise-The Alliance for Youth," guided me and offered endless advise. It was a successful initiative! "America's Promise" kept me under their wings for yet another life-changing set of circumstances. Shortly after the publication of "Open Minds, Open Hearts A Journey With The Ages," my dear and beautiful daughter died. Erinn Kristen had given birth to a charming and wonderful son, Charlie. Life changed for our entire family and my biggest hope was that we would remain a family...remain whole. And that we did. General Colin Powell's foundation continued to include me in their Intergenerational Initiatives. I attended seminars and traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to share my book and to learn much from the finest-all under the wings of "America's Promise." I will be eternally grateful for the education, the wisdom, and the fortitude that General Colin Powell's illustrious foundation shared with me.



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