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Grateful for TAPS

Always an honor to spend time in the TAPS Headquarters, Arlington, VA. "Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors" is this incredible foundation that supports and cares for the "Families of our Fallen." There are countless ways that TAPS meets the needs of the families of our men and women who have served in our United States Armed Forces and who have lost their lives.

I have been affiliated with TAPS for 12 years now and grateful to be a part of their mission. For the past several years my books have been a part of the TAPS Seminars and their "Good Grief Camps." "Our Youngest Warriors," those children attending the Good Grief Camps who are missing their family member that served in our United States Armed Forces are gifted my books. The 15th Annual TAPS National Suicide Survivor Seminar will be held October 6-8 in Boston, Massachusetts, and I am proud that my books will be gifted to those "Young Warriors" attending the TAPS "Good Grief Camps."


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