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Book Signing At Camp Lejeune....HOOAH!

When I was once again extended the invitation to share my books with the families and friends of U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, I accepted with a sense of pride and excitement.

From 9 November thru 11 November, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting lots of children and their mom's and dad's, proud grandparents, soldiers, and visitors from far and wide. I am so grateful that my books found such great homes!

On Friday evening 10 November, at just about 6:30pm Staff Sergeant Correa bought my book, "Hearts Always Open," to bring to his beloved daughter. SSgt Correa and I chatted a bit and we spoke about his career thus far in The United States Marine Corps. SSgt Correa has been part of Food Services for The U.S. Marine Corps and is presently the Marine Aide for the household of the Base Commander of Camp Lejeune. During our conversation, I spoke about Norma Gene Rambow, resident of The Armed Forces Home, Washington, D.C.; Norma and myself have become friends in the past few years. During WWII, Norma had her Boot Camp at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and then she was assigned to Mess Hall 54 Battalion Area at Camp Lejeune. Norma was proud of her Corporal stripes. She served as an Assistant Cook, a Chief Cook, a Wing Sergeant, and later a Supply Sergeant. Staff Sergeant Correa enjoyed learning about Norma and her dedication to service for our country during the WWII era. I took a leap and asked SSgt Correa if he had a suggestion of something special that I could purchase and bring to Norma upon my return to The AFRH. His answer was the best! SSgt promised to place in my hands, a very special coin that he had received for his dedication to Food Services for The U.S. Marine Corps...he wished to share the honor with one Norma Gene Rambow. This Wednesday, I will see Norma for our Book Club Meeting at The Armed Forces Retirement Home, and I will be excited to deliver Staff Sergeant Correa's special gift of his remarkable coin to Norma.

My recent book sharing and signing at Camp Lejeune will stay close to me for years to come....HOOAH!

Most grateful,


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