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A Second Visit To Newtown, Connecticut

During the week of February 16, 2015, I had the distinct privilege of spending time with many people in the beloved town of Newtown, Connecticut.   This was my second visit to this picturesque place and I was grateful to have been invited once again.  My first journey to Newtown, took place in September of 2013.

My week of February 16th, in Newtown, Connecticut was much like the week that I spent in September of 2013:  A lovely visit to Cyrenius H. Booth Library, where my three books, "Hearts Always Open," "Memories With The Heart," and "Friendships With The Heart" are shelved, alongside beautiful books that are a part of the Cyrenius H. Booth's collection of, Books Heal Hearts.  Being able to meet once again with the members of "Spiritual Journey" in the Holy Innocents Faith Formation Center, at Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church, was both captivating and so very rewarding.  Friday morning was a special time for me, for I was able to present to the Middle School Students of Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School-such a great group of students!  I was asked to speak with the Middle School Students about my fourth book, "Friendships With The Heart."  The generosity of spirit that shined so brightly among the Fifth through Eighth Grade students, reminded me of the visit to Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School that I had in September of 2013, with the Kindergarten through Fourth Grade Students...they as well were shining stars.


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