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is illustrated by Michele C. Barnes, is a presentation of some pretty remarkable friendships.  The people and four-legged creatures that I have written about in this book have plenty in common – they all are very special and they accept one another with unconditional love and care.  It has been possible for them to celebrate the joyous times together and in turn...find the strength to sustain the challenges that perhaps may have come their way.  My special friends in this collection of stories share the common threads of compassion and trust – they educate, care for, and protect each other's hearts.  Friendships give us laughter and comfort – the encouragement and the freedom to be ourselves.

speaks to what has become a part of my life throughout the years-volunteering. While writing and researching my sixth book, I was overwhelmingly reminded of the merit, the true value, and the generosity of spirit that a volunteer can bring to any given set of circumstances.  The main characters present in Remembering With The Heart, Stories by America's Finest, are veterans that reside at The Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, D.C. Their years of service to our country has played an integral part of both their personal and professional lives. The prolific storytelling in their book, Remembering With The Heart, exemplifies the learning, the compassion, and the heartfelt experiences that we all become a part of, as we journey through our very own lives.

Remembering With The Heart

Hearts Always Open

Courage From The Heart

Our books work side by side our organization, The Kind Kids Inc.  All five writings exemplify the learning, the compassion, and the heartfelt experiences that we as individuals become a part of, as we journey through our lives.  Our hope is to continue to author books, support Intergenerational Initiatives, and help organizations that meet the needs of those individuals that require devotion and encouragement.

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evolved through years of inspiration from children, those individuals who had a lifetime of memories to share, and America’s finest...the men and women in uniform who serve in The United States Armed Forces. The characters in my fifth book exemplify a nature to give of themselves and to care for others. Courage From The Heart remembers and pays tribute to the United States Army and Navy Nurses who were stationed at several U.S. base hospitals in the Philippines from 1941-1945. These women nurses that were sent into combat were strong, confident, and kind-their kindness was framed in courage.

Open Minds, Open Hearts - A Journey With The Ages is a collection of memories about events in time when Intergenerational Programs were created to bring together two distinct groups of people at very different stages of life: those who were just beginning their journey and those who had a lifetime of experiences to share.

is a book that recounts true to life experiences between a grandmother and her grandson.  So many events that have been shared between the two, they come to life during the most unexpected and unassuming moments and the memories have become everlasting.  Memories, they allow people of all ages to reminisce and to recall those times when nothing else matters except those that they truly love.

Friendships With The Heart

is a realistic fiction picture book that tells the story of a very special elderly resident that lives in a community retirement center and the children who have come to visit with her, on a cold and snowy December afternoon. The open-hearted friendship that is shared between dear Mrs. Tully and the children allows for a lifetime of memories to come to life. Hearts Always Open is a book for all ages to read, and a book that speaks to the understanding and compassion that can present itself while bringing the young and the not-so-young together.

Open Minds, Open Hearts...

Memories With The Heart