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We Did It Again!

September 3, 2014

February 16 - 20, 2015

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Five authors will gather at Providence Center at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods to meet visitors and sign books.  They will be available in Providence Center's lobby from 11 am to 2 pm

St Rose of Lima School students were visited by author Glenna C. Orr on Tuesday, September 24.  

Ms. Orr is also a reading specialist who has two masters’ degrees and has taught school in five states and in the

Department of Defense school system in Germany, according to a biography. She serves as a board member

for the Reading is Fundamental group of Northern Virginia. She is also the director of Kind Kids, Inc, a nonprofit

organization based out of Arlington, Va., that focuses on instilling volunteerism in community activities while promoting reading for kids. Ms. Orr’s books all promote the Kind Kids focus on community volunteerism.  

During her presentation with the students at St Rose, Ms. Orr asked the gathered students what they think volunteering is.  After a few answers, one boy said, “To do something out of the kindness of your heart for no money.”  

Ms. Orr repeated the answer a number of times to remind the students what volunteering means. She then asked the students what they do in their families as volunteers. The answers ranged from helping a grandfather feed his chickens to helping a mother retrieve the family mail.  Ms. Orr told the students the story of how her organization, Kind Kids, all began when she was a teacher in Germany 26 years ago.

Ms. Orr said she started an “adopt a grandparent” program for her students to meet and read with an elderly person each week.  “And we just had so much fun,” said Ms. Orr.  Her book Open Minds, Open Hearts tells a story inspired by her experiences. She has also authored other books and was a recipient of a Mom’s Choice Award.

July 28, 2011

Author Glenna C. Orr signs a copy of "Hearts Always Open" at West Potomac Interiors on Mr. Vernon Avenue.  The book follows eight of Orr's third grade students during an after-school program visiting residents at a nearby retirement home.  Orr, a career public school teacher, established the Intergenerational Program for her students 26 years ago.  Her book is available at West Potomac Interiors.

Author Meets Lejeune Children at MCX book fair

Summary of Pethen's experience:

"Regarding my role in Intergeneratioinal work, I have been trying for a number of years to establish the concept in Bermuda.  I retired 5 years ago from a rewarding 27-year career as Assistant Director of the Government Department of Communications and Information, then worked part-time for Age Concern, a seniors organisation until June 2008."

Five Authors to Sign Books Feb. 27

Glenna Orr Visits St Rose School

In the News from 2015 to 2010

Hearts Always Open Book Signing

Reading can create and stimulate imagination in the minds of young children.  Studies also show reading is beneficial in developing young minds.  The Marine Corps Exchange aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune hosted a children’s book fair June 16 where children could sit down and talk with authors about reading, writing or whatever they wanted to.  Glenna C. Orr, author of two books and 2011 Mom’s Choice Awards Winner, was at the fair and promoted her books, while talking to many children who came by.  

Orr fully embraced the concept of the book fair by bringing a beloved children’s book character to life by wearing a Clifford the Big Red Dog costume, which attracted parents and children alike. Orr took many pictures with young kids in her outfit throughout the day.  “The manager of the exchange asked me to come and be a part of the festivities,” said Orr. “I love being able to talk with families and children. I love doing story time with them and share the experiences I had with the children on base.”  Orr goes to different military installations throughout the year, including MCB Quantico, Va., and Fort George G. Meade, Md.  “It’s all about reaching out to the children on base and talking to them about their own stories as well,” she said. “I think we can learn a lot from children and their initiatives, thoughts and ideas. We’ve been talking about what they like to do and their experiences in school whenever they come sit down with me.”

The book fair started in the morning and lasted until the early afternoon with families bringing their young ones for pictures, books, or just to talk to Orr about her work and what she does.  She read from her books and children gathered around and listened.  After she read a passage she would converse with the kids about their home and school lives.  Orr’s books, “Hearts Always Open” and “Open Minds, Open Hearts,” were on display at the book fair for people to look at, read and purchase.  Along with personally signing books, the families purchased, Orr also gave away a few copies to some children during the event.  “My husband is retired Army,” said Orr. “So when we had overseas tours, I would teach at the (Department of Defense) schools when we were there, and my teaching profession became a very big part of my life. Whenever I get to speak with children again about their lives, it really makes me happy.”

  Lance Cpl. Scott W. Whiting Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune | Posted: Thursday, June 21, 2012 12:00 am

​                         Congratulations: Friendships With The Heart was named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services!  This is                       second book to receive the Award and, time after time, it shows us that what we do is special, and needed.  Such an honor to receive it and my absolute pleasure to share it with my community.  Please feel free to click on

the link below to follow to Mom's Choice Awards Website for a full description.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday, December 24, 2010

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​Author Glenna Orr came to the library (when we were closed just after the Children's Flood) to drop off some copies of her latest book, Friendships with the Heart. Ms. Orr's books have been a mainstay of the Books Heal Hearts collection and we were so glad to add this latest volume.

Glenna Orr Meets with Valerie Pethen

Glenna Orr's Second Visit to Newtown, CT

The Kind Kids Organization