The Kind Kids Organization

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Our Non-profit

The Kind Kids is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that instills volunteerism in community activities and promotes literacy for people of all ages. Individuals and groups of people learn the value of volunteering while reading, working, and learning from each other.  The Kind Kids Organization promotes Volunteer Intergenerational Programs of inspiring activities between children of all ages and senior residents of retirement centers, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.  "Open Minds, Open Hearts A Journey With The Ages", "Hearts Always Open", "Memories With The Heart", "Friendships With The Heart" and "Courage From The Heart" are books that Glenna Orr have

written that work side by side The Kind Kids Inc.  All five writings exemplify the learning,

the compassion, and the heartfelt experiences that we all as individuals become a part of,

as we journey through our lives.  We are most fortunate to meet hundreds of people and

travel to many places to share our own personal experiences and writings.   And, it is always

such a privilege and such an honor to listen, to learn, and to be inspired by those individuals

that share their journeys with us.  Our hope is to continue to author books, support

Intergenerational Initiatives, and  help organizations that meet the needs of those individuals

that require devotion and encouragement.